Vespucci Sports

Vespucci Sports is one of Los Santos oldest & one of it's most premium gyms. Also known as the heart of SAFA due to it being the establishment used to kick start our association. The camp to old champions such as Danny "Kamikaze" Okimoto and new prodigies such as Frank 'Gyrene' Raynor!


Whether you want to learn some MMA or just use Vespucci Sports as a day to day gym, they'll have whatever it is your looking for, with amazing staff to help you, build a better you.



Ursus Mixed Martial Arts

Ursus MMA, established in 2023 is a pretty new and modern gym in Los Santos. Already amassing a reputation for their amazing training and facilities. Housing both an MMA cage and a huge boxing ring, it is an amazing place for anyone who wants to start off in MMA; be it as a hobby or even as a career.


Our favourite feature has got to be Ursus' sauna. A top of the class facility which is maintained to the highest standard possible, mix this with their amazing staff team and you have a top of the class gym.